Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Herts Sports Partnership's "Learning from Legendary Coaches" talks

I  thought this might be of particular interest to those of you on the Sport Science and Coaching and Football Studies courses; the Herts Sports Partnership is running a series of talks about well-known coaches, and the next one will look at Arsene Wenger's work. It takes place at the University of Hertfordshire and is free to attend but you need to sign up. Details here: http://www.sportinherts.org.uk/page/coach-education-week/course-detail/learning-from-legendary-coaches-4224/.

You can check how to cite and reference material from a talk or lecture/seminar on the LRWeb referencing pages here.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Coaching apps

A colleague recently alerted me to an app called Coach's Eye, which allows you to record and analyse videos of your sporting performance on your smartphone or other device. There's also a sharing option and you'll find lots of videos to view on the website. It's available in the AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store, and if you search you'll find other similar apps available too. I can't personally speak for the quality of Coach's Eye or any of the others, but I thought some of you might be interesting in having a look.

Do remember that you would need to take into consideration the same issues you would for any kind of filming - particularly important if you are working with minors or vulnerable people.