Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The 2014 World Cup is nearly here...

I started getting excited about the World Cup yesterday when I spotted this feature in the Guardian Travel section on unusual or just stunning football pitches around the world - I especially love the one on top of the department store in Tokyo and the one up a Swiss mountain (though what a pain if the ball goes over!).

The Guardian has loads of stuff about the forthcoming tournament on their sports pages and they're now running a "live countdown" too.

If any of you are working with children at the moment, there are loads of free teaching resources about the World Cup floating around online - have a look at the offerings from the TES and the National Literacy Trust.

And if you're interested in doing some reading around the tournament then you will find loads of journal articles in DISCOVER, covering all sorts of topics, from injury to sociological and economic themes. Remember to think about narrowing down your search terms to make the amount of information you find more manageable, and this is a good example of where thinking of synonyms (alternative words to describe something) is important; you'll probably want to try "soccer" as well as "football". 

Happy World Cup 2014!

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