Thursday, 9 April 2015

Do you love reading? Tell us about it!

I've been hinting for a while about something coming up involving free books...well, we in Learning Resources are very excited to have been selected as an institutional giver for World Book Night on 23rd April, which means that we'll be handing out some free fiction books at Bedford and Luton that evening, as well as running a fiction book swap.

There'll be more information and promotion to follow, but in the meantime we are setting up a reading blog, where we want staff and students to share their thoughts on reading. Research has found that reading for pleasure can have massive benefits for health and wellbeing, such as improved mood and ability to cope with's getting to that time of year when deadlines are coming thick and fast, dissertations are due, and exams are looming, and we want to help you to look after yourselves and to stay healthy - reading can help!

So what I'm asking from you is whether you would be prepared to write a short review of a book you've read recently, or one you loved (a childhood favourite perhaps?), which you'd recommend to others. You can have your name attached to it or be anonymous, and we're only after short reviews - just a few hundred words. You can send them to me at .

Looking forward to reading your submissions...

Me, circa 199-something

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